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Food is the basic source of life. Grocery plays a vital role to satisfy the basic need of human. But nowadays people in their busy schedule find it too hard to buy grocery daily. They find it is a waste of time and money. So people try to purchase grocery in bulk. Purchasing grocery in bulk will save people money and time. There are so many departmental stores in the USA, but JC Penny Associates Company is providing best service for customers and holds a special place in their hearts. Unlike others, JC Penny Associates is a distinguishing company for their quality and service. This uniqueness results in more than 1000 departmental stores in the USA.

About Services Offered

It is not an easy thing to maintain their all 1000 departmental store in various locations in a good manner. To provide good service to their customers, the company take care of their employees, started a web portal and it is called as JCP Penny Associates kiosk. All employees have an account on the portal to encourage and put their service well and good to their customers. The login id is J.C. Penney Associate Kiosk, the new employees and staff of Associates have to check the following requirements of the process to log in.


  • Username (Employee Id – Only 9 Digits)
  • Password (alphanumeric)
  • Internet or Wifi Connection
  • PC or Laptop or Smart Phone or Tablet
  • J.C. Penney Associate Kiosk Web portal Address


  • To log in, the user has to select any one of the devices to connect internet or Wifi.
  • After selected, turn on the device to connect internet or wifi.
  • Then select a web browser to reach J.C. Penney web portal.
  • The web portal address is Associate Kiosk@ Home.
  • Select JC Penney Associate Kiosk login.
  • It will land on the next page.
  • Enter the username in the first blank.
  • Enter the J.C Penney Kiosk Associate password in the second blank.
  • Click ‘login’ option.
  • Land in your account.
  • First time use 11 digit password which initials of JCP in uppercase, 2 digits month of birth, 2 digits year of birth. Last enter 4 digits of SSN
  • Select a password to serve for future purpose

Make Sure that the entered password and username is correct, any incorrect credentials entered will make problem in logging into website portal. An Important thing that users should note is “CAPS LOCK OFF”.

The above mentioned the steps to follow for accessing JC Penny Kiosk Portal.



Password Recovery Details

Even if you forgot your password options are available to retrieve it.

  • Even if you forgot the password and user id, options are available to reset it.
  • Click the ‘I Forgot the Password’ option to reset the password.
  • Even if you want to change the password click on the ‘Change password’ option to proceed.

Benefits of JCP Penney Associates Kiosk Portal

On the whole, JCP offers complete benefits for employees as a package. They are listed below:

  • Offered discount for their departmental stores working for staff.
  • Discount for Part-time staff who work 35 hours per week.
  • Facility to check 401K plans for staff
  • Health benefits of Medical, vision, and dental etc. for staff are provided
  • The portal helps the Employees to know more about the paid vacations.
  • Provides the time off for the full-time JCP Penney associates participate in.

Discounts offered to their employees by JC Penney

  • JC Penney employees will get 25% off all merchandise.
  • All-star performers will get 30% off all merchandise

The JCP Penney Associates Kiosk portal has offered the above mentioned different benefits employees have an account and use it.

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Contact Information:

To clear queries with Human Resources of JCP Penney, we use phone numbers and contacts of JCP Penney. But it is not possible at all times. Hence the departmental stores have furnished the following contact information.

  • For Tax Issues, Customers can Call on 1-800-567-W24U (9248).
  • JC Penney Headquarters Contact Number: 1-972-431-1000
  • JC Penney Human Resources Phone Number: 1-888-879-2641.
  • Human Resource department email address: eeo-sm@jcp.com.
  • JC Penney Corporate Office address:
    JC Penney Headquarters
    6501 Legacy Dr.Plano, TX7504

To get further more information on JC Penney Associate Resources Information, provided the links which are furnished below:

  • JCPenney Employee Kiosk at Home
  • Former JC Penney Employee Login
  • JCPenney JTime Launchpad
  • Sign Up for Electronic W-2 Forms

These are the different things that you have to know to Log into the JC Penney Associate Kiosk Portal. Hope these steps are helpful for you.